Authentic Lighthouse of
the late ‘800

Over 120 years of history.

The history of the Lighthouse of Punta Fenaio begins in 1883.

The Lighthouse was built by the Italian Navy, at the time called Regia Marina, to allow the illumination of the northern part of the Island of Giglio, becauase the lighting provided by the pre-existing lighthouse of Vaccarecce, the oldest of the island, was too poor.

The infrastructure consists of an octagonal tower in white and red masonry, which rises in front of the central part of the façade oriented towards the sea and of a building with a rectangular plan, disposed on two levels, which is characterized by the masonry.

In the past the building housed the homes of the guardians before its final automation.

In over 120 years of history, the Lighthouse of Punta Fenaio has heard and written unique tales and it is now ready to write a new story.


Faro di Punta Fenaio on Wikipedia.

The Fenaio lighthouse is a maritime lighthouse of the Tyrrhenian Sea located in the northern part of the island of Giglio, in the municipality of the same name, on the promontory of Punta del Fenaio. Electric powered and fixed optic, the light is produced by a 1000 W halogen lamp, with three white flashes every 15 seconds with a range of 16 nautical miles. The infrastructure is also equipped with a reserve lamp with a range of 12 nautical miles, which comes into operation in the event of failure or malfunction of the main lamp.