Faro di Punta FenaioFaro di Punta Fenaio
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Hotel Resort Isola del Giglio

Exclusive Locations

Exclusive Locations

La Lanterna Terrace

From any point of the lighthouse it is easy to come across breathtaking views, but if you really want to dream, you just have to visit the unmistakable La Lanterna Terrace.

Here, every sight is an unrepeatable emotion. From here you can almost touch the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago!

La Lanterna Terrace is an exclusive place where you can simply relax, sunbathe or, after the sunset, enjoy moments of absolute intimacy while tasting a romantic dinner.

Just you, your love and the sound of the sea.

Exclusive Locations

Intimate relaxation

For those who like to enjoy moments of absolute tranquility, sipping a refined drink and reading a good book, the Sala del Guardiano is ready for you.

A place where time has stopped. A place where you can dream and imagine of being a true guardian of the lighthouse.






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Resort Faro di Punta Fenaio
Loc. Punta Fenaio
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Tuscany Italy
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